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WB-World Business Annual Travel Insurance Card

Exclusive Service for Business Travellers
Chartis developed the WB Annual Travel Insurance card to cater to clients’ individual needs. It provides fast, comfortable, flexible, secure coverage for the business person who travels abroad regularly, and offers comprehensive insurance cover all over the world.
Individual Conditions
There are two levels of coverage: Silver and Gold, the coverage can be combined and varied based on the client’s needs, which enables the client to buy the most suitable insurance. Coverage is available for all levels of employee, from executives to line staff.
24/7 assistance
Customer Service is available in Hungarian from all over the world, 24 hours a day.

No administration: Back To Top
  • The World Business Annual Travel Insurance does not require any administration from a client. Trips do not need to be reported to the Insurer.
  • Flexible and Customer-Friendly Administration
Chartis employees are ready to answer all your insurance questions and help you choose the coverage options that best suit your needs.
In addition to standard coverage, we offer personalized insurance solutions that are customized based on the client’s requests and needs.
Other advantages: Back To Top
  • Personalized WB card
  • Maximum duration of a trip is 180 days
  • Maximum age of insured person: 70 years
  • Extendable to family member travelling together with the Insured Person
  • Unique sum insured
  • Flexible, fast administration
  • Unlimited number of trips abroad
  • No trip reporting necessary
  • Covers private travel
  • Discount over 10 cards
  • Number of General exclusions reduced from 25 to 12
Unique coverages: Back To Top
  • coverage for loss or theft of money, or financial loss suffered as the result of fraudulent use of credit, debit and charge cards
  • Hijack, kidnap, hostage, consultant cost